What is Puzzling?

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Puzzling is an astonishingly
flexible and easy
web content collection tool.

The company possesses web scraping technology designed
for high-quality, highly refined data extraction
rather than thoughtless collection of high volumes of data.

Easy and quick for anyone!

With Puzzling, anyone can become an expert in data collection. Forget the struggle over codes, simply make a few clicks to collect the data you want.

Support for data exporting

You can transform and collect the collected data into various formats such as excel, CSV or text. Try the features such as Download All, Download by Periods, and Download by Parts.

Cloud-based, server-less System

Through massification of collection robots via virtual cloud environments, we enable collection of large amounts of web data in the shortest time possible.

GUI-based scenario creation

Anyone with the basic skills to do web surfing can create a scenario and transplant the created scenario in robots to collect data. It is a web service that can automate tasks with repetitive patterns through GUI-based scenarios.

Scheduling support for monitoring

You can collect only the recent data in regular intervals through daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling. This is useful for monitoring competitors, new content feed, or building marketing source data.

RPA(Robotic Process Automation) Service

Besides collection, Puzzling can also allow robots to perform inefficient business processes involving simple repetitive tasks as a web service, thereby enabling reduced labor costs.

Collection service that requires no coding

Do not pay expensive fees to collection firms. There is no need to learn any programming language like Python, Java, etc, and instead, anyone can go through a simple Puzzling tutorial to start collecting data.

Collect high-purity clean data

Puzzling tries to refrain from thoughtless data collection, a major fallback of other existing crawlers. Users can select only the data they want and collect high-purity data after eliminating unnecessary data.

Intelligent robots with built-in humanism

The robots used in Puzzling can extract from any data displayed on the web including those protected through SSL certificates, with the same standard as human collection.

Blocking and Block-escaping Feature

To prevent any web attacks that abuse Puzzling, we use our own technologies such as speed adjustment, traffic restrictions, etc., to minimize damages to websites to be collected from.


Puzzling is already under use
in various fields.

Check out the amazing reviews from customers
who have experienced Puzzling.


Capture your imagination and build them into a scenario.

Learn the basics or improve your skills through inspiring guides.


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We are currently beta testing the service.

A user can use all of functions in Puzzling for free during the beta testing period.

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